Bombshell Bob
Karlie Kloss makes the cut for this season's hottest trend














  The buzz has it that the haircut of the moment has arrived.  In fact, this new do is already being deemed as the haircut of the year.  Fashion bible, Vogue, stated in their January 2013 issue that this season's "sexy and refreshingly easy to wear" look is "The Chop," as beautifully exemplified by model, Karlie Kloss.  The look, made possible by hairstylist, Garren Defazio, who Karlie adoringly refers to as "the Godfather of hair," rests just above the shoulders, with slight, feathery layers in the front and is brought together by long, airy bangs. 

  While we agree that the short do is undoubtedly a style that "...people have been rocking since about six billion years before Karlie Kloss was born.." as saliently stated by Jamie Peck of Thegloss.com, there is something refreshing about having a top model deviate from the ubiquitous, uniformly long, and frankly, boring locks of her colleagues, a la Agyness Deyn.  It was especially scandalous because Karlie had the nerve to debut her new bob around the time of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, where short hair is considered grounds for getting your wings revoked.  Although she was immediately given voluminous extensions to blend in with the other Angels, she is happy to have the opportunity to "explore a bold new off-the-runway identity."

  Though Karlie was nervous to cut her signature long locks, the end result was well worth the anxiety.  Garren couldn't help but sing the praises of his own masterpiece, noting how much more chic Karlie looks and how easy the style will be to maintain, instructing her to simply "wash it, tuck it behind your ears, and let it air-dry."  As someone who recently took the plunge from long locks to short shag, I can attest to his statement- it really is THAT easy!  Feeling a keen sense of liberation, Karlie states that her new cut "actually takes the focus off your hair and puts the focus on you.  I'm starting to realize that it's all about confidence." For those of you who use your long hair as a security blanket to hide behind, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone ands try a new, bold look!

  Following suit, First Lady of the United States, and fashionista in her own right, Michelle Obama, recently showed off her chic chop via her new Twitter account (@flotus). 

  If Karlie and our First Lady don't illustrate the glamour and versatility of this cut, we don't know what will!