Style that’s Timeless: Hottest Watch Trends for 2013
Here are five of the hottest and most sought after watches and trends for 2013.

Gone are the days of the “basic” watch. Today’s trendiest watches come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and patterns. They convey style, personality and are capable of so much more than telling time.  In my opinion, the bigger and more “bling” the watch contains, the better. Here are five of the hottest and most sought after watches and trends for 2013.


Michael Kors: Not only is Michael Kors (MK) dominating the handbag and shoe industries at the moment, the designer’s famous watches are undeniably some of the most sought after. For a reasonable price point ($150-$400) MK watches come in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles and are perfect for both career and for going out. They can be found in MK stores and most department stores, but be aware that high-demand is driving these watches off the shelves at a record pace.



Michele: These watches are super luxurious and meant for those that want to add a bit of glamour to their wardrobe. There are several Michele collections including: Career, Urban, Deco, Sport, and several others. Each watch is beautifully crafted and offers an intrinsic design. The price point ranges from $1,200 and up and can be found at high-end department stores, jewelers, and purchased on the company’s Web site.  The site also permits potential buys to “create their own timepiece,”  and design a watch that is one-of-a-kind.



Animal Print: Animal print may not be for everyone, but the trend hardly ever goes out of style. Watch faces and bands that come in zebra, leopard, tiger, and giraffe print are both eye-catching, fun, and make any “basic” outfit pop.  Designers that offer a sexy and playful collection of animal print watches include: Guess, XOXO, and Betsey Johnson and can be found in most department and specialty stores. Spice up any outfit with these trendy watches; a little animal print goes a long way!



Bling: “Blinged out” watches or those that have a face or exterior made up entirely of rhinestones, sparkles, or diamonds are designed for true fasionistas trying to make a statement. Oftentimes, “blinged out” watches have a large round or square face designed to be eye-catching. Most watch designers on this list offer “blinged out” watches, but some of my personal favorites are by Guess and Michael Kors. Depending on the type of “sparkle,” these watches are sold at a variety of price points.   



Fossil : For a classic timepiece that won’t go out of style, Fossil watches are the answer. Although they may not be as “trendy” as some of the other on this list, they offer unmatched quality and for a price point of less than $150, the cost is quite reasonable. Beyond basic black, silver, and gold, these watches also come in rose gold and a variety of fun colors. Fossil watches are sold in most department stores and the widest selection can be found at the company’s namesake.