IMAN Cosmetics
Be ready for your closeup with their new BB Creme!

 Few things are less attractive and off-putting than seeing cakey, flakey makeup crumbling off a woman's face, or seeing the stark contrast between the color of a woman's neck and the heavy foundation on her face.  Luckily, IMAN Cosmetics recently released a BB Creme for women with skin tones in a myriad of shades.  This luxurious "Beauty Balm" (don't worry, we didn't know what "BB" meant either) acts like moisturizer, with ingredients like almond, aloe and Vitamins A, C and E, while evening out skin discoloration and protecting your skin with SPF 15.  This is a must-have product for everyday use to continuously improve your complexion.  It goes on smoothly and lightly, so your perfectly airbrushed look appears completely natural.  No one needs to know your secret!  BB Creme also acts as a great base.  If you choose to put makeup over BB Creme, we recommend trying their Bronzer for when you want a flawlessly even, sunkissed shimmer.


We had the chance to speak with Cynthia Dones of IMAN Cosmetics, whose role is to manage international sales and marketing.  Regarding the newly released BB Creme, she coordinated the global launches, marketing and communications for Latina markets in the U.S, so we figured she was the ideal person to ask a few questions we had regarding IMAN Cosmetics.

IMAN Cosmetics cater to women of many races, colors and ethnicities.  What are some common misconceptions women of color have about makeup and how does IMAN Cosmetics address them?

Some women select products and brands based on race.  But the IMAN Cosmetics line is designed based on skin tones.  So we categorize our makeup into Sand, Clay and Earth tones and have one of the widest ranges of shades for "women with skin of color" worldwide.  If you look on "Find Your Shade," you'll see women from Panama, India, and Nigeria who all have brown complexions in our Earth family.  So we are helping customers and retailers break those stereotypes.

 IMAN Cosmetics are very accessible to women, being sold at retailers such as Target, Walmart, Duane Reade, etc.  Was that an important factor when creating your products?

Yes, we call the brand "Mass-tige."  It's available in convenient "mass" market locations in the U.S., but the products have the sophistication of a "prestige line," because overseas, we are sold in department stores. 

What are your favorite "Go-To" IMAN products for every day use?

Like a lot of women, I don't wear a lot of makeup; which is why I like our BB Creme and a little Luxury Translucent Powder.  When I go out, I add our Eye Defining Powder, Mascara and Lipstick.

What types of products can we expect from IMAN in the future?

Women lead busy lives.  So our products that do more than one thing at a time are our most popular sellers.  Like the BB Creme is a moisturizer, SPF and color all in one and our kits give you eyes, lips and cheeks in one collection.  So look out for more multifunctional products like these from IMAN.