Sport Chic: Slater Zorn
Don designer duds for your favorite sports teams













Perfect attire for the impending March Madness games, Slater Zorn is the first line of high-end clothing designed specifically for luxury fan fashion. Founder Beth Wittig loves both sports and fashion and decided to combine the two to create this quality clothing line. Slater Zorn offers unisex apparel for any and all sports lovers. The line is described as taking fans from the office, to the arena, to the after party in style. Slater Zorn apparel is made of  the highest quality wool, cashmere, silks, and more. The clothing and accessories are predominantly in base colors, accented with stripes, hounds-tooth, and ombre motifs, which allows wearers to mix and match effortlessly. No longer do you need to sport cheap tees during the big game because now you can show up repping your team in style. Slater Zorn offers everything from jewelry, to scarves, hats, sweaters, and even capes. Check out some of their awesome designs below and make sure to gear up for March Madness, beginning March 19th.