Noteworthy Nail Trends for 2013
Dress up your nails with these polish styles

Whether it’s nails dipped in “caviar,” glitter, or splattered with polka dots or animal print, the sky’s the limit when it comes to nail art in 2013. Nails are making a bold statement this year and there’s a multitude of hot trends showing up on celebrities and being offered at local salons. Gel or shellac? Square, round, or pointy stiletto nails? These are just a few of the latest options in nail decor  Here are 10 hottest nail trends for 2013.

Glitter: The latest trend in glitter is applying it onto a single nail. Glitter on the index or middle finger is most popular. While the options for colored glitter are limitless, the most common used for this trend is silver and gold.


 Ca viar nails, or nails dipped in small beads, is a super fun trend made popular by the brand Ciaté. For a DYI alternative, purchase small beads at your local craft store and dip nails into the beads after applying a clear coat of polish. Voila…achieve this hot trend for a fraction of the cost.


Stiletto: Pointy stiletto nails are the latest trendy nail shape, in which nails are filed into a point. To achieve this look, you have to apply acrylic nails or have long natural nails. Although this is a cool look, it isn't quite as functional as some of the other nail fads trending right now. 



Color Gels: Gel nails are a great option for those who want long-lasting nail perfection with lots of colors to choose from. This option rarely chips and lasts approximately 3 weeks. This is a great option for someone who types often or uses her hands quite a bit. 



Ombre: Just like the super popular ombre hair color that is currently in high-demand, so are ombre nails. This is a gradual fade of color from dark to light, sometimes incorporating glitter as part of the look.





Animal Print: Animal print really never goes out of style and due to Jerseylicious and Snooki and JWOWW this trend is increasing in popularity. Whether it’s leopard, zebra, giraffe, or a combination of all three, animal nail art can be either painted on or nail decals can be applied.




Polka Dots: Polka dots offer a fun contrast to plain colored nails and are simple to create. Just pick a contrasting color (white or black is a great option against most colors) and use a nail art pen or thin brush to create the dot.


Shellac Like the aforementioned gel, shellac is a hard coating that is applied over the natural nail. Although gel tends to last a bit longer, a coating of shellac can appear shinier and offers similar results.




Nail Art: With nail art pens and super thin brushes, just about any design or shape can imagine can be painted onto your nails. Whether it's hearts, spirals, bows, stars or  any other design, you can have whatever fits your mood (or your outfit).

Colored Tips: Gone are the days of the basic French Manicure. This trend has evolved over the years to include a colored tip that is applied to a base color. While any color can be applied to achieve this look, the black tip is super popular right now. Try a shiny black tip with a matte black base for a posh look.