Heads Up: Catch The Murban
Karl Lagerfeld's boyfriend showcases a daring look.

Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld is shopping around a new trend. It is inspired by the look of the Middle East. On paper, this sounds fine. Yet, once on runways, it is scandalously turning heads. And not entirely in a good way.

It's called The Murban.

That's an abbreviation for the male turban. Once common headgear for beautiful goddesses in a David Selznick movie from the 1940s (think Gone with the Wind), the look is now being touted for men. The look entails a swath of white ivory fabric wrapped around the man's head and dotted with a diamond gem. The Murban evokes the style of Middle Eastern princes. Modeling the murban is Karl Lagefeld's young boyfriend and his fave male model, Baptise Gabiconi.

With his edgy couture eye, pushing the envelope, you can see a little why Lagerfeld is trying to gain such notoriety with this new rebel style. Overall though, metrosexual market aside, it's difficult to imagine the typical male shelling out the cash for the Murban. It's hardly practical in the gym or office. Men, will pick one up for yourself? Ladies would your man rock this look? Only time will tell if Lagerfeld's vision will ever find his dream test market.