Making Up is Hard to Do
Avante garde makeup triumphs at China Fashion Week 2013
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2013 in Beijing, China was a rousing success. Asia has always had a high stake in the fabulous realm. We're not talking the cute, funky rainbow designs that dot local Harajuku school girls. We're talking grown up experimental designers, with a serious artistic feel. We're talking art. Of the cosmetic variety,
The ready to wear designs shown on the left tell all. Complex makeup, especially around the eyes, took center stage at Beijing's Fashion Week. Makeup artist Mao Geping designed enormous kaleidoscopic eyebrows that glittered and crystal beads were painted beneath the model's eyes for the MGPIN makeup collection.

It was not all big name designer labels that featured their collections during Fashion Week. Chinese fashion students also kindly showcased their work. Members of the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology premiered their menswear line to overall applause. 
Only time will tell whether these earth shattering designs will cross the waters and make it as big as Hello Kitty. However, the beautiful cosmetic artwork of the runway turned heads and made a serious fashion impact in 2013.