King James
Model James King has seen the dark times and survived.

James King took the name James as a childhood nickname to avoid confusion at her top modeling agency, Company Management. She was born Jaime, back in 1979, but Company Management were already representing the high profile model Jaime Rishar. When "James" entered their Manhattan doors, she was a freckled, gorgeous, button-nosed blonde from Nebraska. She looked wholesome and all-American, but there was more to the model Polaroid.  With her husky voice, stylish wardrobe, effortless taste in movies and downtown music, she was a lot like fellow peer Chloë Sevigny. She was an It Girl. Her boyfriend was super hip Italian photographer Davide Sorrenti. The only problem was It Girls get lonely.   

King used heroin virtually throughout her entire teens, no doubt to keep her sylph-like and perfect body. A petite "party girl" model, James was shorter than the typical haute couture model. It was her dynamic and expressive face that took center stage. That and her personality. It was only a little matter of time before she made it into acting and Hollywood came calling for her beauty, In 2001, she got her big break: a starring role in Pearl Harbor. She enjoys being a chameleon. She adds, when asked to dye her hair: "I felt like the dark hair added like a toughness to my face also, which was really important."  


Sober and rehabilitated, James King can now stars on Hart of Dixie, with actress Rachel Bilson.

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