How to Look like a '70s Rock Goddess
Try out these retro-inspired looks
The Rolling Stones were the band to beat, hair was long and loose, and teenage groupies lined the blocks at a Black Sabbath concert. It was the '70s and rock n roll was here to stay. Feminism was in full swing, and female singers were rocking out, by being both beautiful babes and lead singers. Here at Glam Damn It, we showcase female musicians all the time and show you how to get their gorgeous looks, for today. It's easier than you think. Promise.
Joan Jett was the raven-haired toughie and muse of the recent movie Runaways with Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart. The latter starlet famously shagged her long hair to look like the gifted singer. You can pick up the L'Oreal "Pure Black" hair dye at your local drugstore or at drugstore.com. Try out these perfect skinny dark denim Diesel Jeans with brown leather wedged heels and  a pair of aviator shades and you'll be driving all the concert boys crazy in no time.
Blondie, A.K.A. Debbie Harry, is a natural brunette, but she became famous for her peroxide mane of white blonde hair. The astonishingly good looking rock star lured in her fans, on no account, for the hair, and you can too. After all, blondes may or may not have more fun! You can double as her twin with a bottle of Clairol's "Born Blonde." It can take even the darkest hair up several notches to that coveted hue. Want the peroxide locks with out the commitment (or damage)?  Try out one of these short platinum bobbed wigs for a lark. You can shock your friends and look the part for karaoke night. Tie together your glam rock look with an off the shoulder top and leather leggings, and a bright red pout. 
Stevie Nicks was the dreamy, stunning, poetic lead singer of Fleetwood Mac. She was known for her hippie style and gentle way.  You can look like her, easily, and on a bargain.  Pick up this '70s style flowing silky satin dress from H&M. Stevie, besides her beautiful voice, is also known for her long blonde tresses. If you have the length naturally, keep it strong and healthy with Garnier Fructis' Strength and Length  shampoo and conditioner. If you don't have the hair to emulate Stevie's, invest in affordable hair extensions from Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves, available on Amazon