The Future of Fashion
What's in a Name?

It has been said many times that "everything will change in 2013" and so far it seems true for the direction of the Fashion Industry. As we slowly everyday are heading into the future the fashion industry is moving at a light year speed. Incorporating technology into fashion has been on the rise and is evolving behind the scenes everyday. Just 4 years ago the "Fashion 2.0 Awards" launched which is the only awards celebrating online innovation by fashion brands whom embrace social media and online technology.  

We saw back in November the first ever Couture Twitter Dress worn by Nicole Scherzinger. The dress consisted of 3,000 Swarovski Crystals and 2,000 LED lights. Another example of the future of fashion is Keaton Row, one of the first sites to ever focus on "the future of personal styling." Keaton Row is the first company to bring direct sales in the fashion space online. 

Yves Saint Laurent, a major fashion label since the '60s, most recently dropped the Yves and re-branded the name as "Saint Laurent." They are revolutionizing the fashion house and are welcoming in a new era. As of this week it has been confirmed that Chado Ralph Rucci is no longer so and have re-branded themselves as well. The label for over three decades have dropped the Chado and now go by "Ralph Rucci." The label's CEO, Jeffrey Aronsson said, "It is the start of a new chapter toward securing Ralph Rucci's place as the global American luxury brand and business." 

With leading retailers seeking to revive their images by creating new identities, white now being the new black (yes, it's true!), and multiple high fashion designers producing glow-in-the-dark apparel and accessories the fashion industry is due for many more major changes.

Although we may not be able to predict what will be next, we must keep our eyes opened to see how far the fashion industry will revolutionize. 

Perhaps a fashion show in outer space?