Men's Fashion Top 3 for Spring
Top 3 Menswear trends for Spring

Spring has sprung into action, and so have all your favorite designers of menswear. For years now, fashion for men has been developing from more than just suits and slacks, into daring pieces that play with silhouettes, experiment with color, and give innovation to the consumer. This year is no different. Three key trends men should be ripping from the runway this spring are Prints & Patterns, Fit &Tailoring, as well as Color.

Prints & Patterns are great for the budding businessman and the more classic male who doesn’t want to get to out there with his wardrobe, but still wants to stay current. This season the runways were a blaze with prints from designers like Vivienne Westwood, and Sarah Burton who awed with a bronze combination gold and silver metallic blazer with matching trousers for Alexander McQueen (see left). The bolder male “fashionistas” can go to the extreme, while the further subdued can opt for more subtle approaches like Viktor & Rolph’s zigzag patterned black and silver suit also featuring a metallic finish (see slideshow).

Once you’ve got your pick of prints and patterns, the next step is Fit & Tailoring. When it comes to suits and two-pieces, tailoring is important. A fitted suit not only gives you that “James Bond” effect, but it also allows any print or pattern you wear to show properly. A poorly fitted suit featuring any type of graphic or pattern can go terribly wrong, and you can end up looking foolish. For casual wear, a loose fit is perfect for the season. Bomber jackets, printed separates, and two-piece sets are all perfect additions to your closet.

The final key trend to focus on this season is Color. An essential way to achieve an up-to-date look in your wardrobe has always been through the wide spectrum of color. This season you can accomplish this by whole color blocking, and of course, through color blocked prints and patterns. Color blocking, during fashion week, lit up the runway. Roberto Cavalli featured a pastel-color blocked two-piece suit with a matching button-up in turquoise (see slideshow). But it doesn’t always have to be so “matchy-matchy;” contrast also works for this trend. Designer, Paul Smith, paired a canary yellow double-breasted blazer with a black trouser (see slideshow). Separates are an excellent way to mix and match colors and prints, expanding your wardrobe, and giving you a lot more to work with throughout the season.

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