We Bring You the Top 4 Craziest Shoes of the Decade
From stuck gum pumps to squad car stilettos

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world" right? But what if you give a girl CRAZY shoes. We don't mean blinding bright colors that will cause a few stares here and there...we mean down right crazy shoes that will leave your feet unforgettable. So here they are, the Top 4 craziest shoes of the decade. 

You've got some gum stuck on the bottom of your shoe…

First up is Kobi Levi's Chewing Gum heel from 2009. It is basically a combination of an oxford and a trainer with pink bubblegum acting as the heel. It is a pretty ironic yet clever concept not to mention pretty entertaining as well. 




Next up is the ridiculous shoe from the Nicholas Kirkwood X Keith Haring collaboration from 2011. It is an extreme example of avant-garde footwear. The heel is one of Keith Haring's iconic cartoon man who is holding up the sole of the shoe. Two years later, the Brit shoe designer won the BFC/Vogue Fashion fund, so whatever you are doing Mr. Kirkwood—it is clearly working for you!







Vroom, Vroom!

Thanks to Tim Cooper our shoes can ride down the streets in an absolutely creative and unique way. Bringing his love down to cars onto our feet, Cooper designed an innovative Cop Czar and Lamborghini shoe. The heel is a carbon fiber heel for support with real working lights. If these don't leave you to be the talk of the night then I don't know what will. 







Now repeat after me..."I DESERVE NEW SHOES!"