Make Up Tips from Drita D'Avanzo
This mob wife knows how to beautify

Most of you know Drita D'Avanzo as one of the stars of Vh1's Mob Wives, but what you didn't know was that prior to starring in the hit reality show, Drita was one of the most in-demand makeup artists in New York City. She received her cosmetology license and spent over 10 years working with top luxury brands like Saks Fifth Avenue. With her extensive experience working with everyone from models to your everyday woman, as well as a range of makeup products, Drita decided to create her own cosmetics line, Just Me Cosmetics. Along with the line, Drita also opened a makeup store in Staten Island called Just Make Me Over, where she provides makeup servies to customers.



Drita believes in making all women feel as beautiful as they are and last week hosted a beauty seminar in New York City. In the seminar, Drita spoke to guests about her background in cosmetology, her new line, and shared some great makeup tips. Here are some of our favorite take aways:

  • Don't skimp on the concealer. Go one shade lighter than your skin and cover up those under-eye circles and blemishes. (Drita's concealer is 3x the size of your average concealer.)
  • Use a different foundation in Fall/Winter than in Spring/Summer. Your skin texture changes with the weather so you must change your foundation along with it! In the Winter you probably want a creamy foundation, while in the Summer you will probably prefer a mattefying foundation.
  • Gel eyeliner. Buy it. If you have problems with your eyeliner smearing all over the place giving you racoon eyes, then your prayers have been answered with gel liner. It doesn't budge all night long.
  • If you use bronzer, don't forget to put it on your neck. Hello, your face can't be a different color than the rest of you!
  • If you're wearing a bold lipstick, use lip liner underneath to make it last.
  • Highlight, highlight, highlight! Lightening up your brow bone with a highlighter is a given, but you should also highlight the space above your blush/bronzer and below your eye on the side of your face to really make your face brighten up.

Now go get glamorous!