H&M is on Fire
and we don't think this fast retail brand plans on stopping anytime soon.

First H&M launches an eco-friendly line of evening wear and having major success with that it lead into a whole eco-friendly line for both men and women. The eco-friendly line was available in 140 stores around the globe.The brand even dressed a starlet in one of the evening wear pieces to attend the Oscars.

Within the same year the Swedish fast-pace retailers presented collections at their first fashion week show, let alone in Paris which is the biggest fashion week city of them all. Next H&M recently introduced a huge new collection called "Model Off Duty" (better known as "The New Icons") This collection was inspired by four of the fashion industries top supermodels. Maybe you've heard of Lindsey Wixon,  Joan Smalls, Daphne Groeneveld, andLiu Wen? The pieces included easy street style pieces that have "cool girl" written on every aspect of it...Following this success the company was able to snag Queen Beyonce and have her as the face of their newest upcoming Spring/Summer Campaign. 

If this does not sound like retail world domination wait till we tell you what H&M is up to next! Drum roll please..

H&M is now designing the 2014 Winter Olympic uniforms for Sweden! I guess that makes sense considering the brand's DNA. H&M will be dressing the athletes for the opening and closing ceremonies  as well as numerous gear for training and hanging out off the playing fields. If you think the retail brand is stopping at 2014, they actually signed a four-year contract stating they will provide uniforms for the Sweden teams in all of the annual upcoming games!

Wait we are not done yet! On top of that, H&M will be launching an Olympian designed collection of sportswear. They are expanding an in-store athletic line, which is rumored to go on sale January 2014 just in time for the Olympic games in Russia.