Brandon Stanton—Humans Of New York
HONY's collab with Vogue for Met's Opening Gala

Brandon Stanton is the brain behind the wildly popular blog Humans of New York otherwise known as HONY. Stanton is a NYC photographer who simply photographs his inspiration all day on the streets of the city. What truly sets his photographs apart from any other photography blog is the interactions he has with the people he photographs.

More then a year into this blog creation, Stanton says "I probably stopped about 10,000 people on the streets of New York so far." From collecting quotes and short stories from the faces he captures, HONY has grown to about a one million follower base. 

Most recently, Vogue approached Brandon and asked him to assist them in honoring the punk theme of this year's Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala. Brandon's work will be shown in the Costume Institute's exhibit,"Punk: Chaos to Couture." From a particular clothing item, tattoo, or hair style, Stanton searched through the archives of his blog and curated a collection of photos that meet his view of "punk rock."

The photo collection will be updated daily up until the Gala on May 6th and can be seen on Vogue's website. The exhibition at the Met will be open May 9th through August 11th.

Check out the Humans of New York blog and be sure to watch this amazing clip below to give you a much better insight of his creativity path!