Borrowed From The Boys: Miansai Add's Women's Collection
The buzzed-about men's jewelry line unveils it's first collections specifically for The Ladies

If by now you haven't heard of Miansai, it's time to get familiar.

Debuting in 2008, the jewelry line—brainchild of founder Michael Saiger—uses such materials as French and Italian leathers, 14K and 18K gold, sterling silver, and military-grade ribbons and ropes. The raw, organic, and unpretentious aesthetic the line exudes pays homage to the nation's rich military history and nautical influence, while remaining thoroughly modern and relevant. Rugged yet refined, the ease at which the handcrafted pieces transition from day to night, city to countryside, and even the beach (the brand is based in Miami) is the genius in the line's allure.

Initially created for men, in the five years of Miansai's existence Saiger's designs have regularly been featured in the pages of such gentleman's magazines as Esquire, GQ, Sports Illustrated and Men's Journal. The fashion world soon too followed suit, having been seen everywhere from Women's Wear Daily to Cosmpolitan to Vogue; the line is currently being sold at Barney's, J.Crew, and also on the Miansai online store. With a new audience, Miansai soon went from being bought by girls as gifts for boyfriends, brothers and the like, to being worn by women as well.

Tapping into the new market, Miansai has recently debuted their first women's collection. Featuring necklaces, rings, bracelets, and cuffs in a variety of styles and materials. Pieces from range in price from $95 to $295, and are available exclusively at miansai.com.

We've rounded up our favorite looks from the women's collection below but be sure to visit Miansai's website for more!