Tommy Buckett: A Man’s Perspective on Beauty
Celebrity hairstylist Tommy Buckett has quickly climbed the fashion and beauty ranks to become New York City’s “It Boy."

Working with legends such as Sally Hershberger, Marie Robinson, and now most recently the Serge Normant Salon. Tommy Buckett is sought out by talented directors, fashion designers and celebrities for his extensive work on the red carpet, in Films and backstage at Fashion shows. You can catch him regularly at New York City Fashion Week styling models for runway shows such as, Kate Spade and Joy Cioci. Buckett sits down with me to dish about his favorite work he’s done on the red carpet, his realistic approach towards hairstyling, and where he thinks the beauty industry is headed next!

Describe your attitude towards hair and beauty.  Do you find there’s a difference between styling your female and male clientele?

I take a realistic approach towards hairstyling. I love the artistry and fashion aspect that coincides with beauty. I find a lot of inspiration in music and movies. I loved Jennifer Lawrence’s raw and gritty haired look in Winter's Bone. I remember listening to a lot of punk and grunge music to get inspired right before I worked with director Guillermo Del Toro. I gave his actress blunt raven bangs. Guillermo is a visual person and he likes to see how you visually work so that was a great experience.


I first studied hair under a woman named Sally Hershberger. As a man, I do think studying under a woman made me more in-tune with what women wanted. Usually the consensus for females is a cool and classic look. However, Sally was really the one who taught me how to work with the texture and natural movement of hair. In my opinion, women need to embrace their hair’s natural texture and beauty. Work with what you have. My mantra is, 'If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.' Why are you ironing your hair straight every morning when it’s naturally wavy? I remember working with Jane Fonda on set and she said one thing that stuck with me, 'I want to look like myself.' My male clients are very loyal. I’ve had the same guys sit in my chair for years. They’re very trusting and let you do what you want. As opposed to women who will test you more. Women always want to make sure you are paying attention and listening to what they want.


What are some of your favorite looks that you’ve created on the Red Carpet? 


I loved the look of Ashley Olsen way back in the day with the braided updo, where I braided her hairline. Or when I cut Elizabeth Moss’ hair off and made her go blonde. It was a completely different way of looking at her. Red carpet work is much more involved than just a regular day at the salon. You get a lot more time to get celebrities ready. However, your work is on display, photographed, and criticized by peers and press. It could make or break you. I have had the chance to work on many celebrities and they all have a place in my timeline of work that is very special to me. 


So what’s next for you and where do you think the beauty industry is headed? 


I think we’re going to see a lot of changes in the beauty industry. Beauty isn’t just the basic ‘Victoria's Secret’ sexy anymore. We’re seeing women make drastic changes like Anne Hathaway cutting all her hair off into a pixie cut. It’s nice to see those changes and embrace short and daring hairstyles. At the end of the day it’s still hair, it grows back and you still look sexy. It goes back to the idea of beauty being realistic. Models have gaps in their teeth and people are mixed ethnicities. Beauty will evolve into something new in the next twenty years it’s not just black and white. As for me, I’m having fun doing some spokesperson work for Garnier backstage at fashion shows. I love using the Garnier products on my clients. They’re a young, fresh company and their products are great quality for a low price!