The Comeback Kid—Dungarees
Childhood nostalgia meets high fashion

If you have been feeling slightly nostalgic about your childhood lately then we have the perfect fashion piece  for you to reminisce with your inner child.

Channel your inner '90s with the re-rise of the dungaree overall trend. This look is back and better than when were watching it on Saved By The Bell. Every retailer is filling up their "New Arrivals" with a variation of dungaree styles. From denim, to floral, to stripes, to lace, shorts to wide-leg to skinny leg—you name it. Dungarees are everywhere! Overalls do not always mean denim though. We have spotted numerous silk, lace, and leather amongst the tailored pairs on our favorite online shops as well!

Our favorite designers sent a plethora of dungarees down their Spring 2013 runway. Collections by Phillip Lim, Ruffian, and our favorite python pair by Rebecca Minkoff,included this iconic '90s easy fashion piece. Dungarees are the easiest way to amp up your casual look for spring. You step in to it in 1 2 3. All you have to think about is what shoe you want on your feet and the top for under. Never can one go wrong with a little white tee but you can style yourself up in a printed bandeau or a black and white tee also. 

 We highly suggest including one of our affordable picks below into your spring wardrobe. 

BooHoo.com: $50.00













BooHoo.com: $50.00












Asos.com: $58.19 










 Asos.com: $74.81