James Franco: Jack of All Trades
Franco and Rabbit Bandini produce Gucci documentary

James Franco has set out to once again prove that he's Hollywood’s “jack of all trades," this time lacing together film and fashion. Having already graced the pages of our favorite fashion magazines as one of the faces ofGucci, Franco has put on his producer hat. He and his production company, Rabbit Bandini, have produced a documentary about the famous fashion house and lifestyle brand. Amply tittled The Director, this documentary; which was directed by Christina Voros, follows and features Gucci’s current Creative Director Frida Giannini. It's an inside look at the reality of how a collection at Gucci comes together from conception to construction.

The film debuted at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival on April 21st to a lot of whys? Many found themselves pondering, "How come James Franco is producing a fashion film" and curious about "just how the idea came about?" According to Bullet Magazine, in an interview with Vogue UK, Giannini, essentially the film’s star, said the whole idea started when her and Franco were interviewing each other for a magazine. When she asked him what his next project was, James replied, 'to make a documentary about you.' What Giannini thought was simply Franco’s dry sense of humor turned out to be a very real proposition.

John DeFore at The Hollywood Reporter reviewed the film saying that it’s, “A behind-the-scenes fashion doc that feels no need to explain why it finds Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini so interesting.” He also goes on to note that “the film is for serious fashionistas only, and within that audience one suspects many will feel they've seen this all many times before.”  You can read DeFore's full review here. When watching the trailer, one does get a familiar sense that you’ve seen that story play out in other films like The Last Emperorwhich documented the career of acclaimed fashion designer Valentino Garravini; however it is up to the viewers to decide if it comes close.

Watch the trailer below!