Fashion at Your Fingertips
Five Fabulous Fashion Apps
















If you are serious about fashion then having accessible fashion news/photos at your fingertips is probably the best thing since sliced bread. Get your fashion fix straight to your iPhone & Android with these fabulous apps!

1. SpeakChic

Remember the last time you were corrected in pronouncing a fancy French designers name wrong? Well, that will not happen again with the SpeakChic app. Tripping over brands like Christian Lacroix will not be the case. This innovative mobile app helps you pronounce the fashion labels on the go. You may listen to the audio to hear the correct pronunciation or view the break down like so. KRIS-chen la-KWAH. From women's wear, men's wear, accessories, cosmetics, shoes and more...you will never be stuck in a verbal fashion rut again!

2. Style.com

Style.com is an online fashion bible to say the least. So what happens when you're on the go without your laptop? The mobile app version, of course. Receive the latest news in runway looks, parties, and videos straight to your phone. Your mobile device will be updated daily with with most current fashion coverage. You may stream every runway video from New York, London, Milan and Paris.

3. Go Try It On

The New York Times stated, "Go Try It On believes that with computers and cell phones, fashion consultations should be possible even when people aren't together." This app provides real feedback by clicking the Wear It or Change It button when you post a picture of your outfit of the day. When no one is around to give you an honest opinion and you need a little extra push—this is the go to app. Go Try It On is constructive style criticism at its finest.

4. Trendabl

This app is pretty simple. It is a combination of Instagram and Facebook meets fashion. Trendabl is an easy social networking apo just for fashion allowing you to tag and browse your favorite fashion pieces.

5. ChicFeed

Don't have enough time to check your top favorite fashion blogs and sites? ChicFeed compilesmthe top style photos from the best fashion blogs and websites while curating them on one easy site to save you time! Now you can receive your favorite fashion photos from your favorite fashion people in the palm of your hand.