Chanel: Once Upon A Time
Lagerfeld honors Chanel's Centennial Anniversary

We all love to watch an original fashion film from time to time. Especially when the names Coco Chanel, Keira Knightley, and Lindsey Wixon are involved. A short film titled Once Upon a Time, directed by the ever-so-fabulous Karl Lagerfeld, was released yesterday, May 9th, starring Miss Keira Knightley as Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. The setting takes place at the flagship Chanel store in Deauville, France circa 1913. Lagerfeld produced this film to honor Chanel’s 100th anniversary

It is fashionably admiring to watch Chanel interact with the most glamorous ladies walking down the streets of France while discussing upcoming design inspiration.


Knightley originally thought this film would be a silent film and discovered her lines just minutes before shooting. All though none of these women are heading to the Oscars, as they aren't actress rather extremely talented super models, the dialogue seems pretty light and natural—while Lagerfeld was encouraging some improvisation. The couture Lagerfeld designed for the film portrayed extreme elegance and French luxury. One of our eye catching favorites was the understated, yet exquisite, cream gown worn by Knightley.

The movie premiered last night in Singapore while Chanel's Cruise Collection will be debut tonight. 

Watch the film below and honor some Chanel!