Ottavio Missoni Passes Away
Founder of Missoni dies at 92

It is safe to say that the Italian fashion label known for its notorious zig-zag print has had a rough past year. If you recall back to the weekend of January 4th, Vittorio Missoni—the marketing director of Missoni and son of the Missoni founder, Ottavio,  vanished on a small plane. Vittorio and his wife were traveling off the coast of Venezuela and the aircraft disappeared. With a long, strategic search and no plan of giving up hope, there was never sight of the plane. Despite the horrific tragedy, the Missoni fashion show in Milan still took place and ended with a standing ovation but to an empty stage. 

Ottavio Missoni founded the company in 1953 and as of now Missoni is a mega-large luxury lifestyle brand that peaked due to their colorful zig-zag knitwear. In 2011, Missoni created one of the most successful fashion collaborations ever when they partnered up with Target, causing the site to crash.

Today Ottavio Missoni, the head of the Italian fashion brand died in his home at age 92. With his death coming four months after his son, the Missoni brand has been through a whirlwind. Missoni will now be surviving by wife Rosita, the couples children Angela and Luca Missoni, and their many grandchildren. 

We keep this family fashion brand in our hopes and prayers and wish only the best to come.