Model of the Moment: Cara Delevingne
New modern 'it' girl compared to Kate Moss

Cara Delevinegne, the 20-year old English fashion model has had quite a run this year in the fashion world. She is fashion's new It girl and her success can be spotted in every magazine and on every corner of the street. Much like the many comparisons between Justin Bieber and MJ, Delevinegne has earned the same iconic comparisons to Kate Moss and everyone has taken notice.

Think about this last time you have opened a magazine and Miss Cara was not on every other page. This bold brow beauty has scored huge campaigns and has walked every single major catwalk at New York, London, and Paris Fashion Weeks and was on top of the Victoria's Secret Fashion show earlier this year. So in all how many show did Cara walk for the Spring/Summer 2013 collections? A total of an impressive 39 runways. Her most recent campaings include Burberry, ChanelDKNY, and more. 


When Elle Magazine asked Karl Lagerfeld what his take on the new It girl was he said, "Cara represents the modern it girl...Cara is different. She's full of life, full of pep." So what seperates Delevigne from every other top model today? Well for starters, she ironically does not care about looking pretty at all. Cara is known for her quirky weird faces, laid-back sense of humor, and, of course, her endless beanie collection. The girl clearly has more hats than there are days in a year and not a single person can take their eyes off of her!