Embracing Punk Long After the Met
Get the Chaos to Couture look that inspired this year's Met Gala

So, we all know punk made its major debut at The Met last week. The theme for the evening allowed honory guests such as Nicole Richie, Miley Cyrus, and Anne Hathaway to channel their inner punks. According to British website Femalefirst, sales of punk-inspired accessories have reached an ultimate high this past month due to the major buzz surrounding the event. 

The question is, how to we embrace punk fashion long after the Gala is over? Just keep scrolling and you will be provided with 3 punk style outfit inspiration for the summertime.



The Brits are well known for their leading punk bands such as The Sex Pistols and The Clash. Punk yourself up in a union jack rocker tank, pair it with shredded denim shorts embellished in studs, and throw on a spiked necklace to keep the edgy vibe up. Dress your feet in ultra mettalic graphic pumps to keep it sexy...and as far as beauty goes, beautify yourself with a smokey eye and a black manicure. (You may even want to chip them on purpose for ultra punk attitude). 








                                                                          Next, you can go straight to the source and rock a graphic band tee and pair it with black leather cut offs. Again, go for a silver spiked statement necklace and if you want to get creative you can even add a few safety pins to your tank. Next find a a cool girl pair of chunky leather heels with metal detailing. This will make your black rocker style a bit more heavy.














Now, a black leather jacket would be the wrong option when summer dressing, so we highly suggest indulging in a white leather jacket. It is the best and easiest transition piece for all seasons and you may throw it over anything and everything. Plaid is the best way to approach a feminine version of punk style. Just be sure to throw on multiple layers of chains and step into your studded combat boots.