A Guide to Glitz and Glitter
The most glamorous glitter nail polishes to spice up your life!

A new era of glitter is taking New York City by storm. But, instead of bedazzling our eyes and lips, were taking it back, age ten style, to glittery nails with more force than ever before. When taking glitter into account, there’s a fine line between glamorous and looking like you’re on your way to a Spice Girls concert. Through extensive research, and many failed manicures, we’re presenting you with the best and most sophisticated Glitter nail polishes to hit the market.


Butter London is known to be one of the most popular polishes in all of high-fashion. Recently coming out with the top-selling Black Knight Nail Lacquer, audiences marveled at its thin coating and long lasting sparkles. A deep purple base with subtle silver glitter, this polish will give your night out a glamorous kick when paired with a silver ring or bracelet.






Nails Inc.’s Special Effects 3D Glitter Nail Polish is created with two different particle sizes to give your nails a ‘pop.’ This polish creates a 3D effect, making your nails a flashy accessory, and fashion forward statement. Although Nails Inc. make’s this polish sulfate and paraben free make sure use a heavy duty polish remover for those sparkles that are a bit too clingy





For those ladies who aren't quite ready to embrace the sparkle sensation, Calvin Klein’s One Nail Polish is a perfect fit. A solid black polish with a subtle rainbow shimmer, gives your nails a pretty flare with a hint of edge. Plus, for those scared of the at-home manicure, the short flattened brush will make for a spill-free experience.