The Best Mid-Finger Rings to Satisfy Your Style
Browse the latest mid-finger ring trends and edge-up your style with these summer finds

Land your fingers a little extra flare with the newest trend to hit New York City.  If the ring-to-wrist-bracelet craze didn't blow your mind, there’s nothing edgier than the mid-finger ring to spice up your look. Whether you're reading a textbook or grabbing a late night slice, these new accessories will draw-in some extra nail attention to show off your latest manicure.


The Mid-Knuckle Ring by Sunahara Malibu is sure to cause a stir. Meant to be worn on your pinkie, the copper, gold, and silver metal bands will be the perfect accessory for a night on the town. ($46)




Subtle is best with the Bone Midi Ring available at Urban Outfitters. This touch of gold will give a hint of glamor to your look, but won’t outshine or overpower your style. Pair with a layered wrap gold bracelet to give a boost. ($6)




Edge is redefined with the See You In The Souk Stackable Ring by Jules Smith. The delicate nature of these stacking rings is contradicted with a trio of skeletons, giving grunge a sophisticated side. (On Sale $59.50)




The Tiny Kitten Ring by Bittersweets NY is the perfect accessory for layering your look. Stealing our hearts with it’s 14k gold kitten outline, this teensy treasure is cute as a button. ($98)



Bring out your inner goddess with the Wadi Ring by A Peace Treaty. Made of gold-plated brass and made for your mid-knuckle, this eclectically shaped ring will give your style a twist. (On Sale $79.20)