The Best Facial in NYC
Step into a Strawberry Facial at Equinox

If you’re looking for a quick pick me up this season—Equinox has it. Brighten your skin and relax with a rejuvenating Strawberry Facial. Voted the "Best Gym in America" by Fitness Magazine, Equinox boasts a multi-level gym space with state of the art equipment and notorious fitness instructors who will whip your bod into shape. Nestled on the second floor of the Brooklyn Heights Equinox is their best kept secret, The Spa. This tranquil beauty oasis is a dimly lit space that plays soothing music while you wait for an appointment. Our beauty editors tested out the Strawberry Facial and agree paying a visit to aesthetician Sarah Garland is a must! Sarah made us feel at home as she explained the benefits of a strawberry facial.

The facial is best for individuals with combination skin. People with oily and dry skin will benefit most from the Strawberry Facial. Any type of skincare products that contain fruit such as apricot scrubs or fruit peels also contain acidity in it. It’s those natural acids (alpha hydroxyl acid) in the Strawberry Facial that’s going to help prevent redness from occurring all over your skin. If you breakout often, it's recommended that ladies get a facial at least every 2-3 months to reveal a new layer of skin. Sarah also recommends using a gentle scrub once a week to help nix any ingrown hairs around the face to make tweezing them easier.

We definitely smelled and could almost taste the strawberry concoction as it was applied to our skin. The acidity contributed to the tingly feeling we felt on our faces as Sarah then left a moisturizing mask on for fifteen minutes. Prior to applying the strawberry paste and mask, Garland did all the normal rituals that a facial calls for such as extracting blackheads, whiteheads and applying a purifying cleanser to remove all the dirt. Garland recommends the Purifying Cleanser by Skinceauticals for regular use. The Spa at Equinox is known for utilizing quality products such as Skinceauticals and 100% toxin free brand Tata Harper. The gym has also been stocking Kiehl's products in their locker rooms since 2009. You can buy Kiehl's products at The Shop. The end result left our skin looking brighter and feeling a lot softer. The Strawberry Facial at Equinox will do a complete 180 to your skin.

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