Fashion Forward Summer
What you need to keep up with the latest trends this summer

Summer is a great season to let your hair down and get creative. Say goodbye to the typical white t-shirt, jean shorts, and flats and say hello to your new summer staples. 

One of the easiest ways to create the perfect outfit is to play up a maxi-dress. Take a chance! Throw on a fedora and a chambray shirt and head to the beach—put on a cropped leather jacket and some cute booties and explore the city! The possibilities with a maxi-dress are endless.









Now, let's toss the mini-skirt girls and start looking for a fun, full skirt. It may seem a little scary to wear something that goes beyond the knee but there are ways to spice it up. So many designers are pairing their full skirts with little crop tops that are pefect for a night out!











The denim vest is another summer staple that is a MUST have. Pair it with your maxi-dress or your freshest white jean to create a fun and playful look.












Last but certainly not least, thedenim overall. This trend is definately a tricky one to perfect, but once you find the right accessories, you're good to go! Try it with a lace t-shirt, or a floral pattern—you will be sure to feel far from Farmer Joe.