Fashion for a Cause
Frost yourself this summer in original hand crocheted accessories by SAME SKY

Whether you’re taking a summer trip to the romantic city of Venice or lounging poolside in Laguna Beach, you’ll be lusting after these signature hand blown glass beads to pair with those colorful swimsuits and outfits. SAME SKY jewelry sets itself apart from other accessory brands by promoting fashion for a good cause. They bring their company full circle and back to the people by teaching women artisans living with HIV/AIDS in Rwanda and Zambia to make beautiful hand crocheted jewelry. This provides a platform to sell them in a global marketplace. SAME SKY’s artisans earn an income that is 15 times greater than the average wage earned by women in Sub-Saharan Africa.  

A heartening cause that is doing African women and their communities a great service by practically lifting them out of poverty. These women are a step closer to a brighter future and career. 100 percent of all net proceeds go to employing more women artisans and expanding into other regions. On any given day, you can see influential people such as NY Giants' wide reciever, Victor Cruz, sporting his Onyx, Faith Cuff Links or Jessica Alba wearing her Lime+Gold, Faith Earrings that always give a colorful pop to any of her outfits.

Our editors were in favor of the SKY Bracelet Collection. Layering on the intricate designs of the Python bracelet mixed with the muted Taupe and bold Papaya screams exotic and made us nostalgic for a Sari dress and a trip to the Taj Mahal! Pair the Canary, Sky Necklace and zebra like Black + White, Faith Earrings with a deep fuchsia dress for a standout outfit. Most hand crocheted pieces like the fabric wraps and bracelets come signed by the woman who made the individual piece. Become a part of the powerful circle connecting women everywhere and purchase your piece of SAME SKY jewelry here today!