Manic Panic on the Runway
Fashion's, Chloe Norgaard, breaks the model-mold with her gutsy and glorious rainbow mane

Tattoos, piercings, and vibrantly colored hair, are generally not implied when picturing your average runway-regular supermodel. With individual expression somewhat of a no-no for the Milan's Fashion Week models, observers couldn't help but gasp after seeing the American-born, Chloe Norgaard, first strut down the runway at the Nicole Miller runway show with a glorious mane of neon rainbow hair. Although a strategically planned hairdo would be a spunky request for the show, Chloe has been dying her hair for years, and refuses to go back to brown despite pleas from her agency.

This crazy color spectrum is not only a avant-garde approach on 21st Century fashion, but a mirror of Chloe’s rebellion against the model stereotype. Chloe tells WWD in response to her aggravations as a model, “I just felt like a mannequin Barbie. I didn’t feel like I had my personality. I was like, f*ck this and dyed my hair blue.”

Not only do we love Chloe’s mental contradiction of your average prim-and-proper mannequin model, but we love her success even after stickin’ it to her agency. She says, ‘My agency at the time—I wasn’t with One then—was like, ‘This is not going to work. There’s no way. You’re crazy. You’ve lost your mind.’ I just kept pushing and I’d set up my own shoots so that I could have stuff in my book with colored hair, and I guess it worked.” And worked it did. From Cannes to Paris to LA and London, the fashion capitals of the world have been specifically requesting her spirited and multi-hued hair.

The 23-year old beauty and natural brunette gets these rainbow locks through a trial-and-error based experiment between her and some friends. Chloe does her own hair with the notorious Manic Panic hair-care line, and feels that by doing her own hair she is able to show her full personality. Chloe says, “It made me feel more myself and so I could project that and share that with the world in a way. I just felt more comfortable in my skin. It really changed my mood as well and outlook because I just felt stronger.” Whether it's blue, purple, fuchsia or lime green, Chloe’s not backing down and will continue to explore all colors of the rainbow. Hats off to you Chloe Norgaard, we love you!