Hot for Brood
New designer and founder of Brood, Serkan Sarier is turning up the heat on the catwalk

The urban young woman who strives for a spirited edge to her nighttime garb, has been hit with a fabulous new design favorite when Brood hit the runway in 2012. Brood’s, Serkan Sarier, made the official (and much anticipated) leap onto the fashion calendar after his debut presentation-turned-runway show received the nod of approval from New York’s finest.


His premier collection was a techy mix of sporty chic, with inspiration ranging from athletic gear to English artists such as Lynn Chadwick and Glen Brown. Like any great artist, Sarier strived for his collection to be a sole projection of personal expression, which was made clear from the broad range of looks that made it down the runway.


After receiving the ‘go ahead’ from the fashion top guns, Brood has continued to produce creative and energetic pieces that have been made famous for their high-quality and character. Presenting his first spring collection, Sarier aired a japanese-infused floral ensemble, with lace high-necklines and soft silk layers making a prominent appearance on the catwalk.


Born in Germany of Turkish and Bosnian descent, Sarier graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and immediately knew his future resided in fashion. With model-worthy good looks, and an aptness for infusing everything we love about the combination of classic and modern style, it's no wonder that Serkan Sarier has made Brood one of our up and coming favorites.