Anna Sheffield and her "Sunday Girl"
Anna Sheffield turns down the drama and invited a new sexy approach to this season's ad campaign

New York City based designer, Anna Sheffield, has been a commitment and fine jewelry design favorite since launching her first collection in 2007. Known for her provocative and avant-garde ad campaigns, viewers weren't the least bit surprised when her last season's collection featured mixed-metal, and jewel-encrusted pieces presented against expressive feathers and furs. Although we loved Sheffield's furry campaign, this season brought a new spin to her line that we simply adored.


This time, Anna Sheffield flaunts her baubles in a new subtle and sultry way. The ad campaign tells the tale of “The Sunday Girl” as she casually lounges in her New York City apartment. This effortless depiction of a woman rustling through albums and relaxing on her floor, is a brand new approach compared to Anna Sheffield’s previous drama-infused campaigns. Shot and choreographed by Balarama Heller, this collection is a photo collaboration between Sheffield and creative powerhouse, alldayeveryday.


Sheffield’s most idolized and well-known looks have been centered off of her commitment collection. Engagement rings, anniversary gifts, and even promise rings, are all timeless alternatives to traditional jewelry, with pieces that capture their own individuality and mildly eccentric flare. For those ladies who are on a budget but love the Anna Sheffield looks, you’re in luck. Sheffield has collaborations with more affordable brands such as Target, Urban Outfitters and Cole Haan.