'Mad Men' Costume Designer Gets Real
Janie Bryant finally reveals her up-and-coming reality TV show!

'Mad Men' costume designer, Janie Bryant, finally spills the beans on her new fashion design reality show. Having to keep this exciting news under wraps for months, Bryant says that she is inspired to finally display all of her greatest passions through the show including film, costume, design, and fashion.


With TV and film playing a key role in today's trends and looks, the show will give aspiring designers weekly challenges to create garments in the style of classic Hollywood films. Bryant told Styelist in regard to her work on 'Mad Men,' "I don't approach the costume design about trends. It's about maintaining the truth of the character.” Bryant’s new show not only gives a unique twist to the fashion-reality TV industry, but allows viewers to know and buy the timeless looks that are tailored by the competitors. During select episodes, the challenge winner will have the opportunity to sell their creations to select clothing stores, making them nationally available to the public.


Bryant says in an interview with WWD, “When I was a starving artist in New York, I lived on 48th between Eighth and Ninth where I literally had a shower in my kitchen. But I really treasure those days because it was about having the full New York City experience.” Along with being a once ‘starving artist’ and New York City native, the Emmy-winning Bryant has since designed a 'Mad Men' collection for Banana Republic as well as landing ambassadorship for brands such as Maidenform and Downy Wrinkle Releaser.

The show's three not-yet-revealed judes will be in charge of deciding who executed the assignment best every week. Bryant is giddy with excitement as filming approaches, and has already begun screening her 8 to 10 contestants that she’ll be putting to the test.