His & Her Fashion: Jaden and Willow Smith
It's in the "jeans!"

In an industry that's ever changing, the best way to get the upper hand is to start at a young age; and it wouldn't hurt if you just happen to be the son or daughter of two hollywood mega stars. This is the case for Jaden and Willow Smith, son and duaghter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. As the fashion world changes, this pair of privileged siblings continues to push boundaries, and inspire others like them to explore and express through the freedom of fashion.

Jaden Smith, born Jaden Christopher Syre Smith, a clever play on his mother's name, has begun to make great strides in not one, but three, industries. This 16 year old is fresh off the release of his fourth feature film, "After Earth," a sci-fi blockbuster where he starred alongside his father. In 2012, Jaden relaeased a mixtape entitled "The Cool Cafe," and has subsequently launched a fashion and lifestyle brand titled "MSFTSrep." The clothes are a fashion forward range of hoodies and T-shirts, to trousers and vests. 

When it comes to his personal style, Jaden sports an effortless mix of modern and and avant-garde dress, pairing eccentric pieces that combine minimalistic and urban twists. Pops of color can be found in his wardrobe, but black and white are a steady staple. Designers like Rick Owens and Jeremy Scott among others could be found in his closet, not to mention his own clothing line MSFTSrep. Just last May, Jaden collaborated with Korean designer, Choi Bum Suk, and his line, "General Idea" to create a pop-up store in which customers can buy and wear their clothes.

Like that of her brother, another clever play on words, was used to name the baby of the Smith dynasty, this time with her father's name. Willow was born Willow Camille Reign Smith. Will and Jada's unique parenting strategy has always been evident in both children, but especially Willow, and at a very young age. At just ten years old she released her first single titled "Whip My Hair." The record achieved platinum status, reached number 11 on Billboard's Hot 100, and number 2 in the UK. Most recently, Willow has teamed up with DJ Fabrega to form the duo "Melodic Chaotic." Their premiere single, "Summer Fling," was released as July 6, 2013. Like "Whip my Hair," the video for "Summer Fling" features Willow's unique fashion sense, flare for color, and attention to detail.

Willow has become known not just for her catchy tunes, but for her out there and at times outlandish style. A cross between hobo-chic, and and edgy rocker is what best describes her fierce and fiery fashion sense. You can be sure to catch her in colorful separates, and grungy denim with matching accessories. Her best accessory, however, is undoubtedly her hair. For Willow, her hair is an always changing canvas of color of length. Much like that of fellow music songstresses Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Like these two, Willow is always so daringly herself. She expresses that through fashion and music, and shows no signs of slowing down.