British Architect Changes the Shoe Game
Who wants to go for a round of, I mean, a pair of mojitos?

There is no other confident and sexy feeling for a woman than putting on a pair of perfectly fitting heels. Well ladies, there is a new pair of heels on the market that will literally make your jaw drop. Julian Hakes has designed the innovative “Mojito” Shoe. At first glance the shoe looks strange and uncomfortable; but after learning about the make of the shoe, and watching models prance around London in them, the Mojitos look unique and stylish.

The handsome Hakes is the British designer of his line Julian Hakes London. Hakes has been designing and drawing shoes since 2006, however, he didn’t begin his career as a shoe designer. He worked as an architect which makes us better understand his creative design for the sculpting shoe. Hakes said that he began designing the shoe by wrapping his own foot in tracing paper, and learning how weight is placed on the foot. Hakes also admitted to drinking a few mojitos while making his drawing come to life. Since the appearance of the shoe looks like a lime wrapped around the foot, Hakes knew the name “Mojito” would be a perfect fit, no pun intended.

There are 29 different colors of the Mojito Shoe available on the website. My favorite color is the Classic Black and Pewter version because it matches any outfit. The Mojitos are priced at 159.99 euros. There hasn't been a similar shoe that is “soleless” like Hakes design, but I’m sure that will change soon. The Mojitos have been trending all over social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest, so surely other designers are already working on their own “version” of Mojitos. The shoes are literally a walking piece of art.

Cheers to Hakes!