Forever 21 Launches Superhero Collection
Comic-con meets body-con

The American brand, Forever 21, has collaborated with the American book company, Marvel, for a comic-con inspired clothing collection. The 20-piece line will launch this week in the brand's 450 US stores, and will range in price from $12.80 to $22.80.

Just in time for the back-to-school sales, the collection includes leggings, t-shirts, crop tops, body suits, and accessories, all with a superhero twist! The Marvel’s greatest heroes such as Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man and Captain America all make an appearance in the capsule collection which is set to stand in unique “comic shops” in the front window of the retailors stores.

The appeal of the collection has of course been enhanced by the numerous superhero movies over the years, as well as the summer blockbusters The Wolverine and Iron Man 3. The brand's popularity has even caught the attention of famous rapper Kanye West, who on his latest album refers to a group of women wearing the high street label, “Rock Forever 21 but just turned thirty..." - all publicity is good publicity!

Betsy Zanjani, the senior vice president of design at Forever 21, has been cited as saying "The excitement is really in the nontraditional styles like body-con, all-over printed comic strip leggings and cotton Lycra crop tops. We are offering something a little bit different." She also referenced the success of the label's previous designs which encompassed a superhero theme: “We’ve had the superheroes on the floor and, in the last few seasons, they have done increasingly well."