Going Grey: New Hair Trend?
Grey is not for grandma anymore

Hair trends have been evolving over the past few years: from mohawks to french braids, to bald to the recent ombre trend. So, what if I told you that going grey, "purposely" prematurely is the new trend of 2013?

Last week popstar and fashionista Rihanna revealed her new grey hair to her Instagram followers. You can also see other celebs rocking the grey hair trend like: KelisNicole Richie, Kelly Osbourne, Lady Gaga, Pink, Mary Kate Olsen, and Kate Moss, just to name a few.

Fashion is all about making statements, being chic, and stepping outside the box. Are we stepping  out a little too far? Why are we fast-fowarding the clock? I have all my golden years to be grey, and with my family history, it will probaby be as early as 35. Incredibly though, the lovely Kelly Osbourne and the sexy Rihanna look absolutely fierce with grey hair! But these ladies seem to be able to pull off just about any look and totally rock it out...maybe I am being persuaded?

My only qualm is that this look may not transition well to us common folk. But who knows? Grey hair may become the next big thing! Now you need to ask yourself, would you go grey?