Lollapalooza 2013 Streetstyle
Music and fashion go hand in hand

We already knew that Chicago’s Grant Park was a scene of music and mahem this past Lollapalooza weekend, but what we were surpised to learn was that is was a mashup of ecelectic fashionable looks, as well.  Lollapalooza kicked off on Friday August 2, 2013 and lasted till Sunday August 4, 2013. These days music festivals are a cultural phenomena; weekend after weekend, from city to city, and state to state crowds of youngsters stampede to fields, parks, stadiums, or other venues to throw their hands in the air and sway to the music of a kick-ass musical lineup. That being said, also present was a bevy of buzzworthy outfits! 

When it comes to music festivals anything goes: fringe, mesh, graphic wife-beaters, grumpy cat tees--you name it!  Perfectly matched to the music being played by bands such as the Black Keys, Mumford and Sons, and more, many  go-sees were trending with high-waisted cut-offs, crop tops, and groovy fanny packs that brought us back to the early 90s.  Many Lana Del Rey inspired fans wore flower crowns, and others topped thier heads with crazy and elaborate hairstyles. Large and goofy hats were also ever present, as were cartoon and even comic book character costumes.

We can hardly wait to see what’s in store for next year’s Lollapalooza!