Mr. Jacobs In The Beauty Department Please
Marc Jacobs debuts new makeup line and we're dying to try it!


Renowned fashion designer and creative director of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs has expanded his market into the beauty department with a new makeup line Sold exclusively at Sephora and in select Marc Jacobs stores, the much anticipated makeup line debuted on Friday, August 09, 2013 and beauty junkies all over the country (ourselves included) can’t wait to try it out.

“I like the transformative qualities of fashion, and fashion to me is not just clothing, it’s handbags, it’s shoes, it’s clothes, it’s hair, it’s makeup, it’s fragrance, it’s the whole ritual of making those choices, of enjoying the ritual, of making the choices that will tell the world who you want to be that day,” said Jacobs in an interview with WWD

His collection consists of 122 products, such as foundations, concealers, lip and eye products, nail polish, and make-up brushes that range between $18 and $78. They are also organized into four different categories: Smart Complexion, Blacquer, Hi-Per Color, and Boy Tested, Girl Approved (as if we’d ever question Mr. Jacobs)! 

Although Jacobs is new to the beauty-ful side of fashion he’s definitely no newbie as to what women want.  He’s known for his youthful, chic and sophisticated designs  and he already has a full-on fragrance line. Being that he’s not a big fan of boring, expect bold and lively colors as part of his new collection. Jacobs was also inspired by his love for the shiny things in life, hence the design for the packaging of his beauty products--
they are enclosed in a blend of plastic with a three-step finishing process. The final base is coated in a very black shade of black to help maintain the color and shine.

In a recent press release Jacobs said, “I think the idea of transforming into this person you want to be is a lot of fun. It’s this idea of a young woman enjoying creating her look, getting ready for her night out, or her night after her night out.” 

We definitely agree and can't wait to get our hands on Jacobs' latest innovation!