City Girl Diaries Rules Manhattan
Kelly Brady star of the Style Network show dishes!


Joonbug recently had the chance to sit down with one of the stars of the new hit show "City Girl
Diaries,"  Kelly Brady.  Actually, we didn't sit - - these girls are too busy getting their business done and getting ready for the nightlife to spend any time doing something other than movin' and grovin'!  Join us as we got to ask some of the questions many want to know the answers to from this established - yet young - public relations guru as she takes us behind the scenes of "City Girl Diaries."  From her tips on making it in the city to her style advice to those who want to play as hard as they work, Kelly's words and advice are packed with info any savvy New York woman should take to heart.
Your new hit show on the Style Network "City Girl Diaries" is about five successful women balancing their lives in the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.  Describe the group dynamic - what is it about you ladies and your friendship that makes the show interesting?
We are true friends with real careers, and we're trying to achieve our goals while living and working in the most famous cityin the world.   While our lives can be glamorous, they are far from perfect, which is why we support one another as we work our way to the top!
We have fun careers with huge aspirations. In the end we all want to see one another succeed and live life to the fuillest! And we hope that we can inspire younger girls who are just getting out of college to go out there and go after the career of their dreams.

Raina is a TV host and she has to juggle the demands of her job, which often involves interviewing some of the biggest celebrity names, while also being a great mother to her Hunter. On top of all that, she is looking for love.

Leila is an incredible talent who is the head designer at Buffalo. She also has her own self titled line worn by Fergie, Ke$ha, and Kelly Clarkson. But we learn it takes more than just having celebrities be fans of your line to be successful. We see this when she struggles to create a runway show during NY Fashion week.

Marianne on the show works at IN TOUCH weekly. Now she runs the New York Daily News' NY Confidenti@l, and I think it's America's favorite guilty pleasure to indulge in a little gossip and Marianne knows it all. She also has dreams of being the next Chelsea Handler.  I helped her get a gig at The Stand, one of the hottest comedy clubs in New York that I also do press for. She gets up on stage, and she's noticeably nervous and she doesn't have a cue card to help her with her routine. Does she crash and burn or does she tear the house down with her jokes? You'll have to tune in to the show and find out.
Both Leigh and I are in PR. I own a pr firm where I rep a great mix of hot new restaurants and gorgeous models and celebrities (and I have been told that I can throw a fantastic party).  Leigh is a tireless, in-house publicist at one of the best salons in the city:  The Louis Licari Salon. She, too, has to juggle the demands of her career with raising her infant son and being a wife to her hot baby daddy. Leigh's incredible.

You are a PR maven.  Did the rest of the girls look to you to to do the lion's share of the work in pitching your show when it was just a concept, or was it the result of a collaborative process?
The show was actually Leigh's idea - and a very talented producer named Lauren Webber, who had the vision of creating a real life Sex in the City. I actually sat back and let the two of them work their magic and now we are all on TV.

Your PR company Brandsway does a lot of work with fashion, models and hot spots. What's your inside style tip for women who want to look fabulous in the office?
Learn how to dress from day to night -- I can't tell you how many times I had to run to an event without any time to go home and change. My trick is a blazer for the day with something for night-life appropriate underneath. Of course, I always have a good pair of heels and ultra-stylish hand bag.

Which episode, either to date or to be aired, do you think encapsulates the pressures, successes, experiences or day-to-day interactions between a group of women trying to balance success in their work lives with success in their personal lives?
Every episode dives into our work life and personal life. It's about finding the perfect balance, but we also have to make the show entertaining for the folks at home! Life has natural drama and dilemmas, which we let play out on TV, and hopefully our fans will cheer us on!

Can you give us the inside scoop as to what we can expect from the show's season finale? Will there be any drama?
I have no idea what the season finale will be as I have yet to see it. All I can tell you is that we get to find out if Leila made it into Fashion Week or not...

What is your best advice for those ladies trying to get to where you and the rest of the cast of "City Girl Diaries" are - what is the one lesson you would impart to aid them in their quest for success in the big city?
Don't be afraid to follow your dreams. If you're in college, take any chance you can get to intern at a PR firm--or in a newsroom or at a fashion house--while you are in college. This will prove to be invaluable real life experience. It will also teach you the value of networking. Each contact you get and relationship you develop will help you in any career you choose.