An Exclusive Interview with Christie Brinkley!
Bella NYC Celebrate with Cover Stars Christie Brinkley and Sailor Brinkley Cook

It's not everyday that you get to talk with one of the most well-known and gorgeous supermodels in the world. Recently, Joonbug was able to chat with Christie Brinkley, and her daughter Sailor, on the red carpet at the Bella NYC magazine celebration in the Hamptons.

BELLA NYC honored their summer cover stars, Christie Brinkley and daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook, at Georgica Restaurant with a fabulous "White Party." It was a great party with fun arrivals, such as Hamptons/NYC fashionista Jill Zarin. Photographer Steve White was there capturing the action. The cover photo was actually taken at Brinkley's house! There was a really special moment when Christie showed Sailor a Spiegel catalog from years ago (the party's main sponsor) where Christie graced the cover. It was an amazing "passing of the torch" moment between model mother and burgeoning model daughter! Joonbug had the opportunity to ask Christie and Sailor a few questions and here's what they had to say to the women of Manhattan:

First of all, you both look stunning. Who designed the dress you're wearing this evening?

Hi, the dress has that Hamptons feel and is stylish. This dress is by Victoria Beckham. I love it at the beach because there's a more relaxed feel in what I wear at times.
Your skin looks incredible. What are some healthy habits or suggestions you can share with the women of the city that want to look their best?

I'm a vegetarian. I also try to eat colorful fruits and vegetables -- I eat a lot of colorful veggies. Also, don't forget to smile. I think that's so important.
It's so wonderful that both you and your daughter Sailor are on the Bella NYC Cover. Sailor will we be seeing you during New York Fashion Week?
Christie: Yes, it was so great working with my daughter. I'm very proud and I encourage her to do what makes her happy.
Sailor: You may see me modeling in a few shows during New York Fashion Week. I love fashion and I'm excited.

Christie: Sailor has a few meetings, let's see what happens!
Christie, you're an inspirational role model to so many women. What's your best advice for those looking to make it in today's world?

Show up, be professional, be dedicated and work hard. That's a recipe for success and good things will come.