Concept Korea designer CRES E DIM Showcases New Collection at NYFW
Presented at X'Tige Showroom and Hosted by SHK Magazine


CRES E DIM is a name that will undoubtedly rock the fashion world. New York Fashion Week and the government sponsored Concept Korea, which supports the growth and expansion of a select few of Korean designers, brought out the award-winning CRES E DIM as well as front man and designer Kim Hongbum.

The presentation showcased the "newly focused" collection at the X'Tige Showroom. The event was hosted by SHK Magazine, also responsible for the Spring/Summer 2014 look book featuring Ford model Devon.

Inspired by architect Michael Hansmeyer, the collection titled "Concealed Layers" is an exploration of asymmetrical shapes, bold cut outs and astronomical prints. Hongbum's attention to detail and knowledge of architecture are refreshingly obvious. There is an element of menswear design and a subtle take on the 50’s silhouette. Black and blue made a healthy appearance while leather also proved to be a hot commodity within the collection. Known to be Hongbum's preferred fabric, its sleek look exudes sex appeal without sacrificing edginess and elegance. Galactic prints were an interesting effect both in the garments and the oversized clutches. Emphasis on environmental and other worldly components is a go-to theme for
Kim Hongbum and a definite hit for Fashion Week!

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