Beauty Report: Mara Hoffman & Michael Bastian
Sacha Quarles, Celebrity Hairstylist and Artistic Director of SHE by SO.CAP.USA, shows us how to recreate beauty trends on the runway!

Mara Hoffman

Super long hair has been making a comeback for a few months now, with celebrities rocking extensions on the red carpet and all. These extra long braids at Mara Hoffman’s runway show further indicate that long hair is a trend to follow and braids are clearly here to stay! And thanks to extensions this looks is easier to achieve than ever!  

Because these braids are very sleek, we would recommend tape-in extensions like SHE by SO.CAP.USA because they have the flattest bond of all types of extensions available. The other great thing about tape-ins is that although they are a permanent type of extensions, they are reusable next time you need an extension touchup. Once the extensions are applied by a professional stylist at a salon, you can easily replicate the look at home. 

1.Combine a hair oil like (we recommend Argan For You oil) with a little bit of light gel to smooth hair, and hold in the ends from popping out. Evenly distribute to hair

2. Using a rattail, part the hair down the middle.

3.       Section away each side to work one section at a time.

4.       Starting on one side, slick the hair back behind the ear

5.       With the hair smooth on your first side, begin the first French braid behind the ear braiding towards the center of the nape.

6.       Continue braiding the hair all the way to the ends.

7.       Secure with a small rubber band that is invisible and won’t catch the hair.

8.       Repeat process on the other side.

9.       Have fun with it! Once braided, to add flair to this look, pull the braids together with a hair accessory, a ribbon or a scarf to make a true fashion statement.


Michael Bastian

Clearly, retro hair is making a comeback in men’s looks too. We saw versions of the comb over at Porsche Design, DKNY and Michael Bastian. Here is our favorite  from the Michael Bastian show. Notice that this is  a clean, classic comb over, not a greasy-looking, gelled-up one you might associate with the name.

 1.       Begin with damp to wet hair

2.       Evenly apply a sculpting cream or gel

3.       Comb hair into the desired part

4.       Dry naturally or use a diffuser

5.   Once dry, use your fingers or a large-toothed comb to brush out the crunchiness of the gel

6.    Use some hairspray to lock in the look.