Isabel Marant for H&M
Available November 15

Designer Isabel Marant has been a popular force in the fashion world with her Parisian chic style. This fall H&M stores are proud to have her as one of their guest designers. Isabel’s new collection for H&M will include both male and female clothing, plus shoes and accessories. The highly anticipated new line will not be available until November 15; however. Harper’s Bazaar magazine did offer a sneak look of the line in their October issue (Racked.com).

Isabel is excited about her new collection. In a recent press release she wrote that she is creating items that have the effortlessly pretty Parisian chic flair that she’s known for. According to her, the looks she is going for are the ones where “you dress up, but do not pay too much attention and still look sexy.” She wants to give women something they would want to wear in their everyday lives. Isabel added in her statement about her collection that “Everything can be mixed following one’s own instincts: my take on fashion is all about personality.”

Through their collaboration, H&M and Isabel want to offer items for those of us who love fashion but may necessarily have the means to purchase high end couture designs. They promise that the new designs won’t look like cheap copies of her more expensive boutique pieces.

Fans of Isabel’s work have included celebs like Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow. The new line won’t be available till November but you can check out some of her past collections in her official website.