Trending Now: Menswear
Hottest Street Style Trends to Follow!

In fashion, fads go quickly, but trends are staples that run a certain course from introduction to execution, eventually evolving and transforming into new trends and movements in fashion. This year, New York Fashion Week has brought us some of today and tomorrow's hottest trends, and we're not just talking the runway. In menswear there are 3 hot trends that GlamDamnit believes can usher you into the fall season and carry you through to winter.

This first trend is on fire. Leather has always been a staple in fashion, but has recently become a go-to fabric for menswear and ready-to-wear apparel. Take advantage of this trend by sporting leather in both apparel and accessories. A fashionable gentleman can pair leather tops and bottoms with lighter weight fabrics. For fall weather, pair a printed button down or tee with leather shorts or trousers and an athletic shoe. Accessories like small leather duffles, backpacks, and jewelry are easy additions to finish the look. A little bit of leather goes a long way, where as head to toe can sometimes be overwhelming to the eye.   

The next trend has been no stranger to fashion, and has been progressing steadily for many seasons now, especially for women. Men, however, have gotten on board and have begun doing their thing. We're talking  Prints and Patterns. One way to keep this trend current within your wardrobe, is to mix and match different prints and patterns. This keeps you looking fresh, and allows you to repeat pieces. Another way is to use color blocking to contrast interesting graphics and crazy patterns. It's important to know what works, and what doesnt. You shouldn't be afraid of print, but don't go overboard either. 

Photographed: (Left) Anthony & (Right) Global Music Producer Alek Sander in Knee Length Skirt and Blazer by Ninh, Trousers by Zara, and Boots by Alexander McQueen