Butterfly Studio
"One of the top 100 salons of America" and this is why...

We are born into this world all natural; from our nose to our toes every fiber of our being is 100% ours, 100% beautiful, and 100% real. This doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t have a little bit of fun with it. And no, we’re not talking about plastic surgery, or any other harmful tactics that may, more or less, strip away the fine elements of our God-given beauty—we’re talking about hair dye. Yes, hair dye: the magical, easy, agreeable way to spice up your physical appearance without breaking the bank or surrendering your skin. There is a matter of caution to be taken, however, when considering a dye job—well, actually there’s a few. To avoid error, in this regard, it is most important that one leave the process to the professionals. And in taking the bold step from medium brown to dirty blonde, that is exactly what Joonbug did.

Butterfly Studio is beautifully located in Manhattan’s posh Flatiron district: a refined, somewhat sequestered part of the city that boasts exquisite retail stores and chichi restaurants. Furthermore, it is a bit removed from the hustle and bustle, allowing one to keep pace with a more subdued step and emanate with a relaxing aura.

  On the second floor of 149 Fifth Avenue, the studio is large, modern, and immaculate. Upon check-in, not only were we greeted with a warm smile, but also, our arrival was eagerly anticipated and our colorist ready at exact time. Leading the way to the chair, she introduced herself with a smile. Her name is Joanna Gonzalez, and as far as professional colorist go, she is tops. With expert knowledge and genuine concern she guided us toward the right color choice, covering every little detail and never expressing frustration in the face of our many questions.

The 2 hour process was painless and rather fun, as Joanna shared great tips on hair care and divulged secrets of the trade—warning us to stay away from famed drug store shampoo brands and employ the use of professional labels. A worthy drugstore brand she informed us, however, is L’OREAL--  good to know for those of us who are not ready to spend $30 and upwards on shampoo, just yet.

 In 2001, Kattia Solano, recently named one of the top four stylists in Manhattan, opened Butterfly studio with the mission to, not only, build a lasting relationship with each guest, but also, further their education on following a balanced, healthy lifestyle. In this regard, Butterfly Studio practices personalized consultations and stands as way more than just a salon; full service skin care, facials,makeup and waxing is available. You can also indulge in their customized hair spa  or dry styling and accessories bar  which features the seaon's hottest looks and offers hands-on tutorials on how to achieve them!  And only the finest of luxury products are used, these include names such as, Oribe, Keratase, Shu Uemura, Rahua, Joanna Vargas Skincare, and Kevyn Aucoin.

We all know that, in living the New York City lifestyle, your time is precious, your money is precious, and, well, your hair is precious; treat them all the way they deserve, treat them to Butterfly Studio—we assure you, you will not be disappointed.