New Fashion 'It' Girls
See who made our list and why

The hottest parties, the coolest guys, and most importantly, the most stylish clothes is what makes up the leitmotif of a Fashion ‘it’ girl. Tastemaker alumni like Alexa Chung, Agyness Deyn, Chloe Sevigny and many more fabulous women made a name for themselves by becoming mini fashionista industries.'It' girls increase blog traffic, promote the most stylish indie-brand clothing lines, and seem to create buzz at every spot they show up at. From pixie haircuts to wooden clunk heels, these girls don’t demand attention- they simply get it. Joonbug reassessed the mania and has come up with today’s newest fashion fixations and the resounding nuances that make them cool.

1. Sky Ferreira

    The release of “Everything’s Embarassing” put Sky’s name on the indie map with it’s heavy piano and novel 90’s sound vibes. She matches the theme of her music with red, pouty lips, bleached blonde hair, leather, and a chilled out expression  The electric approach in all her work spills across in her effortlessly retro-chic style. Sky’s ability to successfully mix low and high fashion is what sets this “dream girl” apart from the rest.

Click here to get Sky’s retro look.

2. Janelle Monae

“Am I a freak for dancing around?/ Am I a freak for getting down?” We vote NO when it comes to the funky songtress Janelle Monae. The Kansas City native broke all rules with her ear-candy tunes, futurist aesthetics, and androgynous threads. Monae never bares too much skin and that’s what makes her interesting. She aims to offer a different perspective on how a woman can dress and does it with full dignity and originality.

Click here to get Janelle’s classic look.

3. Cara Delevingne

She has been named the funniest model around and on the cover of British Vogue simultaneously. Those killer thick eyebrows, crazy expressions, and fearless attitude has contributed to Cara being one of the most loved high fashion models around. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, she likes to have fun, and she’s every girl. Cara is young and classy; goofy, yet stunning. She continues to redefine what a model can do when off the runway and away from a camera lens.

Click here to get Cara’s playful look.

4. Solange Knowles

Solange doesn’t know a singular vocal category or a color palette. The talented singer acknowledges no boundaries when she steps out in clothing of various shapes, lines, and colors. Solange Knowles is one of two talented sisters, but she has set herself apart with her fierce natural mane and eclectic style and sound. Her smash single “Losing You” featured the singer in an orange leisure suit, mini-denim shorts, and a big, bright smile. Solange can simply do no wrong. As she continues to put out more music, the singer promotes a look that is all her own and we’re loving it!

Click here to get Solange’s vibrant look.

5. Rita Ora

Rita Ora is on the fast-track to becoming an international pop-star. The singer has a look that pays homage to Rihanna’s bad girl image and enough style hits to create waves over in the U.S. Her urban-meets-glamour look is accented by bold prints, low cuts, and a 90’s ska mentality. Whether in Beverly Hills or the cover of GQ, Ora doesn’t dismiss a chance to embrace her kick-ass appearance.

Click here to get Rita’s hip look.

Every year we embrace the ever-changing climate of fashion and in turn, the girls that give us styles to admire and embody. These fashion-forward women provide looks to be slightly obsessed with (in a healthy way) and adament reasons to push boundaries within our own wardrobe. Check out more looks from our girls below and since we know there’s more, tell us who your fashion “it” girls are in the comment section below!