Style Evolution : Justin Timberlake
A breakdown of the pop star's gear through the years

Justin Timberlake is having one fine moment right now. His record sales continue to grow as he bangs out hit after hit on the billboard charts. The 20/20 experience is an album that represents his  growth in manhood and his musical diversity with more than a few nods to his executive producing buddy Timbaland. The pop sensation embarks on a tour this year heating up stages along the coast. As he continues to be the most celebrated entertainers of our generation, we  look at Justin’s style evolution throughout the length of his singing career.

A style evolution analysis would not be complete if we don’t briefly discuss Justin’s look during the N’Sync era. The late 90’s was a confusing time for boy bands everywhere. The singer fell prey to those oversized shirts, red-vest tracksuits(??), and sadly, hair that closely resembled ramen noodles.

Unfortunately no one can forget when the pop royalty couple, Justin and Britney, stepped out for the 2001 American Music Awards wearing matching denim suits. Let’s just say, the late 90’s into early 2000’s was a rough time for the Timberlake closet. Yikes!

When N’Sync broke up, we all said Bye Bye Bye to the Justin we knew and said hello to the new and improved JT. He ditched the ill-fitted drab for leather and slim black jeans. Justin Timberlake’s first solo album, Justified, in 2002 set out to put the singer on the soul/pop map in collaboration with the likes of The Neptunes, Scott Storch, and Timbaland. His look matched the feel of the album which was urban, youthful, and funky. He wore a hoodie under his leather jacket in “Like I love you” and an all black ensemble paired with tennis shoes in “Cry me a River”. His hair, which he often wore under beanies or fedoras, was cut short and kept casual. The singer’s style channeled the mature approach to the music he was producing at that time.

The FutureSex/LoveSounds era had us all “lovestoned” when it released in late 2006. Justin danced his way through sophisticated and sexy music videos donning tailored suits with European cuts, slim ties, and shiny black shoes. Timberlake’s r&b vibes on this album allowed him to encompass a full-on savvy look and barbershop mentality. He was clean, calculated, and hot.

The 20/20 Experience and 2 of 2 came after Justin’s music hiatus, setting the star at his third studio released album. He emerged with a ring on his finger and a style that comes full circle in his music progression. His smash single “Suit and Tie” tell us everything we need to know, and moreover the 20’s big band sound of the whole album promotes one simple theme. Justin is forever. Justin is classic. His hair is smoothed over in a cloud-like tuft on his head. Justin is an artist.

The style evolution of Justin Timberlake has experienced some shortcomings, but the singer still comes out on top. From jacquard jackets to updated suit lines, the star continues to impress with sweet singing chops and smooth dance moves. The 20/20 Experience sold 980,000 copies and all of his performances continue to be slick and stylish. His wardrobe improves with every album; fitting for the new King of Pop.