Spring Preview Of Ryka Sports Wear
A Brown Shoe Women Only Sports Wear Company.

As winter approaches, it is tempting to stay inside and hybernate, but that is something we will only regret once bikini season comes back again, so instead of staying in, why not hit the gym? And hit it in style with Ryka.  Ryka, the innovate atheltic sports wear company that caters to women only is where every athletic fashionita needs to turn when building their workout wardrobe. Everything that Ryka creates is designed for women. "From the shape of  the female foot, to the angle of her stride, we understand that women require more than just a downsized version of a men's atheltic shoe." Just last week, we were able to sneak a peak at the Spring 2014 collection and were not only inspired to hit the gym in the stylish gear--we were excited! 

 Ryka's foot wear is divided into five training categories: Core Training, High-Impact Training, Low-Impact Training, Running and Walking.  The Core-Training sneakers are ideal for the fitness guru's and gym rats that do it all; from the tread mill to burpees the Core Training models come in different colors and styles to fit your personailty. One of our favorites amongst the Core Training collection are the Hydro-Sports - a hybrid water shoe designed with quick dry upper, webbing brace for the midfoot support and the drainage system in midsole and outsole. These are just pefect for all water fitness needs, and way more attractive than your typical water shoe. 

The High-Impact Training sneakers are ideal for fitness classes like step, kick boxing and any other high impact aerobics. These training shoes are cushioned for comfort and quick movements.

Rounding out the triad is the Low-Impact Training shoe, which is made to provide lightweight performance in the studio. They are designed for dance such as classes like zumba, cardio funk and hip-hop dance classes.

The Running Shoes are uniquely made to the shape of a woman's foot and ideal for beginner and advanced runners. With a much more narrow heel, roomier forefoot, increased instep volume and more secure footbed, the variety of running shoes vary from trail-running, to minimal running.

And last but not least the Walking Shoe provides support, stability, comfort, arch support and exceptional traction. These innovative walking shoes push you to keep moving foward to reach your fitness goals.

Let's not forget the wide selection of active apparel they have to pair with your shoes. This athletic apparel is made to make you move! There is a perfect balance of performace and style. The collection ranges from women's pullovers, performance tops and moisture wicking shirts. Providing maximum performance and comfort for a better fit and a better workout, Ryka women's workout clothes like Ryka running shorts and Ryka athletics pants help you to achieve your own personal transformation and reach your fitness goals.

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