Sexy Halloween Masks
No time for a costume? No problem!

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you still don't quite know what costume you wish to dress yourself in, or aren't ready to make the commitment to such a full-on transformation, then maybe just don one of these sexy masks we have found!


Check out this Lady Gaga Sexy Fancy Dress Up Lace Play Boy Bunny Mask by Miss Lace.  It is one size and carefully made with lace for a very exotic look and feel. We found the best deal for the mask on EBay for only $26.99. 











This Fantasy Mask we found on 3wishes.com is ideal for a ballerenia look we thought of. Show your dancing spirit in this Pretty Women Girl Elastic Stretchy Tulle Dress aka a Tutu. Pair it with this American Apparel Spandex Mesh Body Suit. and these cute powder pink ballernia flats from H&M







This Venetian mask is an example of what is typically worn during the Carnival of Venice, but has ventured out to become extremely popular for different occasions, including Halloween.  Beautiful Black "Phantom of the Opera" laser cut masquerade mask with rhinestones. The mask is made from high quality metal alloy. To complete  the look- like the one to the left dab on Fetish from MAC .






And this Luxury Sexy Silver Filigree Venetian MardiGras Masquerade Mask  is simply the most elegant and mysterious mask to wear. The Rhinestones give this mask a glam-afied look for you to feel fabolous this halloween!